Learn Kotlin: Data Types

Variables as boxes — Box Vector by pch.vector on Freepik
Basic data types

1. Basic Data Types

  • Numbers. Kotlin provides a set of built-in data types that represent numbers. For integer/whole numbers, there are four types with different sizes and value ranges. Kotlin provides types Float and Double for floating-point/fractional numbers.
Data types for integer numbers — kotlinlang.org
Data types for fractional numbers — kotlinlang.org
Example of number-typed variables
  • Characters. Represented by the data type Char for single character value.
Example of a Char variable
  • Booleans. Represented by the data type Boolean for one of the two possible values: true and false.
Example of Boolean variables
  • Arrays. Represented by the Array class for group of objects.
Example of Array variables
  • Strings. Represented by the data type String for group of characters (text).
Example of String variable

2. Type inference

Example of type inferenced variables

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  4. Learn Kotlin: Data Types (this article)
  5. Learn Kotlin: Basic Operators
  6. Learn Kotlin: Functions




Android Developer. Currently residing in Jambi, Indonesia. https://romnan.my.id

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Deddy Romnan Rumapea

Deddy Romnan Rumapea

Android Developer. Currently residing in Jambi, Indonesia. https://romnan.my.id

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